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Vivi's Birth Announcement!!!

These are photos of Viviana Rose Noyes; born on 12:04 PM on 04-Dec-2008 (Yep - 12-04!). Daughter of Angie Lyn Major and Philip William Noyes, granddaughter of Thomas James Noyes and Mary Alice Tolaro and Madi Major and Ed Major; great granddaughter of Rita Thibodeaux and Philip Tolaro; Ruth Riecker and William Noyes; Rose Cuglietta and Orlando Antonini; and Ruth and Ed Major.

We will keep updating so check back - most recent photos will be put first! She is now 1 year old so this chronicles from her birthday on. For first year photos, Viviana - Year One!!!

These are reduced photo sizes. Click on any of them to get a better image. If you wish to download a photo for printing, use the larger image. For videos, we are using YouTube. You can just play with arrow. Best results obtained by clicking little rectangle at lower right of the image before playing to get full screen. Use 'Esc' (escapte) to get out of it or the 'X' that will appear at lower right.

Viviana in birthday bow. December 5, 2009

Viviana blowing out candle on her first birthday!!! December 4, 2009

My first birthday (cup)cake! December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Viviana! She tries to blow out the candle. She succeeded last night with the cupcake; bit harder today but not for lack of effort! VERY happy with her first birthday! December 5, 2009 (Birthday is 12/4).

Viviana first Italian silk dress. Happy Birthday! December 5, 2009

Viviana opening present from Aunt Melissa. Paper is fun! December 5, 2009

Viviana looking at puzzle book from Grandma Madi and making Monkey noises. December 5, 2009

Phil, Viviana, and Angie.! December 5, 2009

Viviana walking and with Nonna Mary. December 5, 2009

Viviana in motion with hat! December 5, 2009

Viviana play with Grandpa Ed - standing and falling! December 5, 2009

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