Thanksgiving 2009 . . .

These are photos and videos from Thanksgiving dinner, 2009. Our granddaughter, Viviana Rose Noyes joined us along with her parents, Angie Major and Philip Noyes, neighbors Don Yates and Sean Roherty, and neighbors Jim Gay and Janeth Randall and their daughter, our godchild, Elizabeth Pauline (Polly) Gay. A wonderful day.

These are reduced photo sizes. Click on any of them to get a better image. If you wish to download a photo for printing, use the larger image or better yet, contact us for the original, larger image. For videos, we are using YouTube. You can just play with arrow. Best results obtained by clicking little rectangle at lower right of the image before playing to get full screen. Use 'Esc' (escapte) to get out of it or the 'X' that will appear at lower right.

Thanksgiving table.

Polly and Viviana.

Vivana playing with her new music/learning table at Thanksgiving. She does the monkey sound real good the second time; watch for the lips in the shape of an 'O'. November 26, 2009.

Angie and Phil.

Viviana: I love thanksgiving!

Viviana eating her first Thanksgiving dinner. Applesauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, squash. Even some cranberry sauce - was not certain about that initially! Watch her take the last little thing out! November 26, 2009.

Viviana and daddy Phil with a really big bear from neighbor Beatrice Taggi.

Polly with daddy Jim.

Polly - YEAH!

Viviana eating Nonna Mary's apple pie with mom Angie on Thanksgiving. Notice she gets the last bite! November 26, 2009.

Polly, Jim, Janeth, Don, Agnie, Phil, Viviana, Sean and Mary with Tom behind the camera.

Polly, Jim, Janeth, Don, Angie, Phil, Viviana, Sean and Tom with Mary behind the camera.

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