Mr. & Mrs. Thomas James Noyes Jr. . . .

These are photos of Jim and Karen's wedding.

These are reduced photo sizes. Click on any of them to get a better image. If you wish to download a photo for printing, use the larger image.

Karen in the early - and COLD - morning light.

Arnold, Karen, and Judy Tosti.

Arnold, Karn, Jim, Judy and Linda Tosti - the new Tosti family!

Karen, Jim, Tom and Mary.

Vows . . .

And they did it! Linda and Phil join Jim and Karen.

Jim and Karen celebrate!

The original Noyes family . . .

. . . and now the complete Noyes Family!

And the Noyes posse . . . top: Curtis, Rita, Tom, Karen, Jim, Mary, Phil, Terry; bottom: Jamie, Melissa, Emily, Angie and Bobby.

The cousins . . . Phil, Jamie, Emily, Jim, Bobby, Melissa.

The Wagoner girls.

Angie and Phil.

Tom and Mary.

and, finally, the newly weds - Karen and Jim!

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