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New location. Welcome! You can contact any of us via email: Tom , Mary , Jim or Philipa. Misc personal link: Zanarella plays piano on Grand Canal in Venice.

Viviana Rose Noyes is now 1! For more photos and videos, click here. You can also search YouTube for 'Viviana Rose Noyes' for the videos.

Viviana blowing out candle on her first birthday!!! December 4, 2009

More videos on Vivi's page or YouTube (search for 'Viviana Rose Noyes'). Note: We are using YouTube - you can maximze using the little square in the lower right corner before playing (or during). And use Escape to close.

Viviana in birthday bow. December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner, 2009. More photos and videos, click here.

Angie and Phil are married! This is their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Phil Noyes on July 3, 2005. For more photos, click here.

Jim and Karen are married! This was taken on January 15, 2006 at the Altadena Country Club, about 3.14 miles (according to Mapquest) from where Jim came home after he was born! For more photos, click here.

Mary's home page contains her writing and all of our suggestions for Italy.
Noyes Tom's Genealogy back to 1434!

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